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The world of ADS-TEC

Based on more than ten years of experience with lithium-ion technologies, ADS-TEC Energy develops and produces battery storage solutions and fast charging systems including their energy management systems. The high quality and functionality of the battery systems are due to a particularly high depth of development and in-house production. With its advanced system platforms, the company is a valuable partner for automotive manufacturers, OEMs, utilities and charging operators.

ADS-TEC Energy Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary of the German, owner-operated ads-tec Energy GmbH, which is a subsidiary of the publicly traded (NASDAQ) Irish ads-tec Energy plc. In addition to ADS-TEC Energy, the ADS-TEC Group also includes ADS-TEC Industrial IT (ADS-TEC IIT) for 40 years, focusing on industrial computing and IT systems for industries such as automation, logistics, medical, automotive and mechanical engineering.

On the road to a secure and decentralised energy supply

"The transformation to a climate-neutral energy economy is one of the greatest challenges of our time. In particular, tomorrow's energy system will be more electric, more digital and more decentralized. In addition, today's electricity, heat and mobility sectors will increasingly interact to compensate for volatility in renewable energy supply. The ChargeBox exemplifies how generation and consumption will be brought into new relationships in the future, even compensating for power bottlenecks." Thomas Speidel, CEO at ADS-TEC Energy, at the German Future Prize 2022.

As ADS-TEC Energy, we are committed to the goal of eliminating fossil fuels. Intelligent battery storage with optimal energy management is the instrument for all future power companies. These will are enabled by our hardware, software and service to make their business models future-proof. Our portfolio is constantly evolving – because ADS-TEC Energy is just at the beginning of a better world.

Investor Relations

ADS-TEC Energy is a global leader in battery-buffered, ultrafast charging technology, offering energy storage and management platforms that address the current electric vehicle (EV) bottleneck presented by low-to-medium power level grids. With customizable platforms serving the electric vehicle, commercial and industrial sectors, ADS-TEC Energy can offer wide-ranging solutions for ultrafast charging, storage and energy management systems to these sectors.

Presentations and White Papers

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February 1, 2022
Oktober 18, 2021
ADS-TEC Energy White Paper
Shifting Into High Gear: Addressing Barriers to Scaling Up Ultra-Fast EV Charging

Board Diversity Matrix of ADS-TEC Energy PLC

as of 14 Dec 2022

Going Public via a SPAC

On December 22, 2021, ADS-TEC Energy and the European Sustainable Growth Acquisition Corp (EUSG) closed its previously announced business combination. The combined entity is named ADS-TEC Energy PLC and is listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market.