Battery storage


We offer sustainable energy solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Take advantage of the opportunity to become independent of rising energy prices and increase your overall share of renewable energy. Our multi-talents cover various fields of application – from self-consumption optimization to peak shaving, EV sharing, zero-feed-in and off-grid operation to grid services and backup power.

Whether it is a series product or an individual project: With outputs from 25 kW to well over 600 kW and capacities from 42.9 kWh to well over 950 kWh, we offer you the right solution for your challenge.



The PowerBooster is our scalable, battery-based energy storage solution for outdoor use. Whether municipal, commercial, agricultural or PV industry, the platform solution offers countless application possibilities and can be optimally combined with renewable energy sources.
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PowerBooster as Micro-grid, Agrola AG,Switzerland
PowerBooster at the LANDI stores, Agrola AG, Switzerland
3MW Battery power plant, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
1,5 MW Storage power plant, Germany
Microgrid far from power supply networks, Lithuania
Smart Grid mit PowerBooster, urban harbor, Germany